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Our Premix Products; It is here for you, considerate owners, to protect our animal friends against possible diseases, to increase their quality of life, and to ensure that they benefit more from the nutrients they receive.



About Us

We, as ACRİ PHARMA MEDICINE, CHEMISTRY INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, have taken health as the main principle for a better world with our works and products which we produce in order to apply the dynamism trend brought by our age in the best way with the QUALITY, SAFE, DYNAMIC mission since our establishment. We have set our main goal not only to protect our quality, but also to produce better quality products and to serve life in a more reliable way.

Our Quality Policy

As ACRİ PHARMA MEDICINE, CHEMISTRY INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, under the name of QUALITY, SAFE and DYNAMIC mission, we guarantee customer satisfaction by uninterrupted communication with our customers and continuous improvement by considering the suggestions and complaints from customers. We offer quality products and safe services from the manufacturer to the last user, and we aim to provide uninterrupted service to the whole humanity by benefiting from the experiences of humanity, developing and improving.


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